How To Do Business Like Jesus Christ

How Did Jesus Do Business?

What is Jesus Christ to you?

To some, he’s the greatest human who ever lived.

To others, he’s the saviour of the world.

To me, he’s the greatest entrepreneur ever!


Because he invented SALVATION and helped mankind solve our greatest problem ever; eternal life!

Jesus didn’t just die so you can make HEAVEN. He died so you can also reign on EARTH by building a business that matters, change the world and profit from purpose!

The 7 Business Principles Of Jesus Christ

The story of Jesus Christ is the most told story in the whole of human history. This is because it contains so much valuable lessons that have powerful impact on people.

In the spirit of Easter, I bring you 7 unusual business lessons from the life of the greatest entrepreneur ever -Jesus Christ!

1) PURPOSE – why do you exist?

This is where it all begins in business as well as in life. Unless the end is as clear as crystal, it’s impossible to achieve greatness.

Jesus had a clear purpose for coming into the world – to save humanity from eternal damnation and give eternal life.


“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life”John 3:16

As entrepreneur, Jesus knew what is business was; to die so that you and I can have eternal life.

Great entrepreneurs begin with the end in mind. They have a clear purpose why they are in business. As a matter of fact, they started business to fulfill that purpose.

To them, business is how they fulfill purpose. You can only build something great if you started with something great in mind.

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2) MESSAGE – what is your gospel?

Gospel means good news.

As an entrepreneur, Jesus had a gospel [message] he really wanted people to hear. His message was very compelling;

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you”. –Matt. 6:33

This is a very compelling story. The idea of going after only one thing [kingdom of heaven] and having every other thing else is definitely a good news many people would love to hear.

As an entrepreneur, what is your message?

I talked about the importance of having a compelling message in this unusual article; The 3Ms Of Highly Effective Marketing.

Having a compelling message is crucial to your entrepreneurial success. A message is the foundation of all your marketing and the essence of your brand. Without one, your marketing will be ineffective.

Here’s the link again, The 3Ms Of Highly Effective Marketing.

3) POSITIONING – who are your target market?

No one business can single-handedly meet the needs of everyone. The whole world is not your target market; even Jesus recognized this brutal fact.

“I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” –Matt. 9:13

As an entrepreneur, this is a major mistake you must avoid. Not everyone is your potential customer.

You have to differentiate and position your business so that those who will value what you are offering [product/service] can identify you easily.

Jesus didn’t stay in the church like a pastor would; he was on the street in search of those who were lost. The lost don’t come to church, they are in the world and Jesus understood this perfectly.

Positioning is about identifying your target market and going to them where they are with a message they want to hear.

Stop trying to be everything to everyone. Be something to someonePOSITIONING!



4) DISCIPLESHIP – who are your vision partners?

No great thing was ever achieved single-handedly by an individual.

Jesus didn’t attempt to save the lost all by himself despite all his divine powers. He enlisted the help of others who were gifted in diverse areas.

Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”Matt. 4:19

Why did he do this?

The reason is so simple, but not so obvious.

Jesus realized he wasn’t omnipresent –being everywhere at the same time.  He knew he was going to die on the cross for the sin of mankind.

He had to raise others who would succeed him and carry on the gospel [message] while he was gone. These were his 12 disciples.

As an entrepreneur, are you trying to go it all by yourself?

This is how many end up in the deadliest business trap ever. You must realize that you are not going to be here forever. What you build should outlive you. The best way to do this is to institutionalize your business by working with a team of vision partners.

While I do understand that at first you might start out alone, this is no excuse not to seek out vision partners along the way.

Great businesses are not the result of an individual, but the collective efforts of several individuals.


5) INNOVATION – where are your signs and wonders?

Being great is not by mouth.

Being great is a function of impact –signs and wonders.

Great entrepreneurs are great because they make great things happen.

Jesus is the greatest entrepreneur ever because he was the most innovative ever.

Jesus healed the sick.

Jesus made the blind see.

Jesus walked on water.

Jesus turned water to wine.

Jesus rose the dead.

Jesus rose up from dead.

Above all, Jesus invented salvation, mankind’s passport to life after death.

As an entrepreneur, your greatness is tied to how much great things you can make happen. Jesus made great things happen. He performed signs and wonders. He made impossible possible.

And here’s what he has to say to you about innovation;

Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father”.John 14:12



6) PROFITABILITY – how much souls/customers are you winning?  

Great entrepreneurs build profitable businesses.

As there are two kinds of business; good and great. There are also two types of profit; kind and cash.

In Jesus’ case, his profit was in kind.

His profitability is measured by the number of lives he saved. His business is saving lives so his bottom-line is measured in kind not in cash.

As an entrepreneur, part of building a business that matter is being profitable. As a matter of fact, the more your business matters, the more profitable you become.

Businesses that matter make these two types of profit; kind and cash.

Your profit in kind is the ‘good’ [impact] your goods and service is having in people’s lives.

Your profit in cash is the money you are paid in exchange for the goods and services you provide.


Both are essential to your entrepreneurial success. In fact, your profit in cash is determined by your profit in kind.

The origin of both types of profit is value. It’s the good in your product/service that attracts people to pay you money in exchange for it.


“The generous man will be prosperous, and he who waters will himself be watered.”Prov. 11:25


7) LEGACY – what will you be remembered for?

The true mark of great entrepreneurs is their ability to leave a mark in the sand of time.

Every December, we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Every April, we celebrate his death and resurrection.

This is a man who lived over 2000 years ago and yet the world hasn’t ceased to remember him year after year.


Because his legacy leaves on.

Jesus is not the only entrepreneur who has been able to achieve this feat. There are others like him whose legacy transcends their lifetime and are remembered throughout history.

But in his case, he gave his life to fulfill the purpose of the business.

Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”Matt. 20:28

Great entrepreneurs use their lives to fight for a cause.

What are you prepared to die for?

What cause are you fighting with your life?



To do business like Jesus, you have to follow his 7 business principles;

1) PURPOSE – why do you exist?

2) MESSAGE – what is your gospel?

3) POSITIONING – who are your target market?

4) DISCIPLESHIP – who are your vision partners?

5) INNOVATION – where are your signs and wonders?

6) PROFITABILITY – how much souls/customers are you winning?

7) LEGACY – what will you be remembered for?

Your Turn

How has the life and principles of Jesus Christ impacted how you do business?

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  1. Anna says

    Just to add…. As I focus on making the vision plain, I realize that I will have both “kind” and “cash” in using my God abilities, since it is the cash that will supply the vision. Like Christ Jesus, I want to have a heart that reaches beyond race, gender, status and beliefs to give others hope in being who they were created to be. He is the Guiding Light.

    • says

      This is some brilliant addition here Anna.
      The cash indeed is what supplies the vision. But to have the cash, the vision must be valuable to others beside yourself. For it is the value in the vision that will attract the cash to make it happen.
      Jesus, truly is the guiding light. He’s my role model entrepreneur. Thank you Anna, for this addition.

  2. Juan Leandro says

    Amazing article, as always very innovative, creative and looking the world and all its aspects with the eyes of an entrepreneur.

  3. Juan Leandro says

    Furthermore, we could consider that Jesus Christ was not any kind of entrepreneur, he was a social entrepreneur who was looking not just for maximizing profits, but to have a positive impact.

    • says

      You nailed it here Juan, Jesus indeed is a social entrepreneur. This is why his profit is measured in ‘kind’ and not in ‘cash’. The greatest entrepreneurs find a way to balance and get this two types of profit. Your brand is stronger when you make a profit by making a difference.

      Thanks for the comment. Good to see you here!

    • says

      Hi Jimi,
      Thanks for the comment. It’s good knowing the post inspired you. It is my hope that you take the inspiration and turn it into an action. God bless you too. And Happy Easter!

  4. Akin says

    Every post of yours make me go gaga. As a social entrepreneur like Jesus Christ making the lives of young people better has been my utmost priority. Right going through some hardship but always remembering from Luke’s gospel 12 v 22 – 34 never to worry. Every entrepreneur should not worry about his business but think and most of all he’s bound to win the battle in the mind as Christ did. Got a lot of Disciples already and hoping to get them stay true to the vision.

    • says

      Thanks Akin for the heart pouring comment.
      So good to hear about your cause. Hang in there, the vision as the holy book say is for an appointed time. having your own disciples does really help, as you rightly pointed out, you just have to inspire their loyalty and commitment to the cause. To your entrepreneurial success and happy Easter!

  5. Chadrack says

    A great rid Tito. Very inspiring and easy to understand! I’ve learned a whole lot of lessons from the Bible and the life of the Saviour and this is really a good addition. Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Thanks Chadrack,
      welcome to naijapreneur. Good to hear the testimony of how the life and teachings of Jesus Christ has been a blessing to you. He has the same impact on everyone who comes across him.

      Appreciate your comment!

  6. Mark Amin says

    Hey Tito, this article has made my day. It has made me realized what has been buried deep inside me – Jesus is THE entrepreneur. Beyond this is the fact that all things begin and end with God our Father in Heaven, including our entrepreneurship journey. And like all things in life we have to do, He has sent His only son to teach us, including entrepreneurship.

    • says

      Thank You Mark,

      I can relate with your feeling about this. Jesus is more than just a religious figure, he does embodies so much more, one of which is entrepreneurship.

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your feedback with us!

  7. Godwin Eagles says

    Remain in Gods Love and the Grace of our Lord, Jesus. That article is Faith-Building….
    Gonna, work on these 7 principles and share my testimony soon.
    Love from Zion.

  8. uma says

    wow, i had to comment, i stumbled on this article and am impressed not about d business advice which is really good but your ability to incorporate Christ in it and am skeptical if u r reali a nigerian.kip it up God bless

  9. ubah says

    Hi Tito Jnr,
    I believe you 1000% because you are an embodiment of intellectual greatness.See how you execute!Great!Great!!Great!!!After the greatest of the greatest,my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ,I believe in people like Thomas Edison,Steve Jobs, Martin Luther king Jr ,Internet Inventor,Wikipaedia founder,Chief Bola Ige,Governor Fashola,Tito Jnr to mention just seven out of the very few, who were not driven by money but difference,And these are the true entrepreneurs.They embody the definition of entrepreneurship.Not people like greedy and monopolistic Rocafeller,Andrew Carnegie,Bill Gates,Mark Zukerburg ,Michael Dell etc, that were driven by money to succeed and later would start fulfiling their exploitation in so called “philantropy”.I know about the latter biographies-they are just opportunist not entrepreneurs.
    In fact, entrepreneurship is the business of making a difference to the world.Nothing else.Money is not the purpose at all.After all money is paper.

    Thank you

  10. ubah says

    Please continue developing your growth mindset of entrepreneurship in your chosen field.
    My warmest heartfelt appreciation.

  11. Jan-Carel says

    This was an great article. I love Jesus and to use him as an example in business was an eye opener.
    My business is called blessings in abundance. I some times feel that may be I gave it the wrong name.
    We have these amazing products, and our few clients love our products. The break is just not happening. This is why your article gave me new hope! The enemy just wants to destroy. I know now that I will definetly start focusing on your 7 principles of business. Well done!
    Blessings in Abundance!

  12. says

    Great article. Can I ask if you work from home? Because I’d love to interview you about these business principles of Jesus Christ for my home business magazine. Please email me as soon as possible if you’re interested in being in this month’s edition.
    Thank you.

  13. says

    Well written post! I was searching for business principles in-line with scripture, and this was exactly what I was looking for!
    The example of businesses being able to profit in “kind” was the embodiment of what I was hoping to express. Being a good business owner and operating your business in such a way leads not only to cash profit, but profit in kind. It feels good when you know that your business is a resource for people and that you are really making an impact in people’s lives. This feeling of joy is something God wanted us to experience, that’s why His Word says “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” 2 Corinthians 9:7

    • says

      Thanks Adam,

      I’m glad you found the article useful and also share the same philosophy of profiting in KIND. As you rightly mentioned, the profit in kind is what will determine your profit in cash.


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