Business DNA: Why Your Company’s Success Desperately Depends On It!

Do you know why some businesses achieve more than their counterparts? Do you know why no two businesses are ever

What is the DNA of your Business?

the same? Do you know why certain businesses behave in a certain way that sets them apart from others?


The secret is found in their DNA.


In biology, the DNA which stands for DeoxyriboNucleic Acid contains the genetic instructions for every living organism. The DNA determines what kind of life is the organism being formed to live. In essence, the DNA contains the programming language [source code] for the organism. Suppose organisms were some hardware, the DNA would be the software. Meaning, it is what basically determines how the hardware functions. Without a DNA, organisms are bound to malfunction.


What Is The DNA Of Your Business?

Your business is also an organism and needs a DNA to efficiently and effectively function. The DNA of a business determines what kind of a company it will be, the basis of its operations and its outcomes. It gives the broad picture of what the business will look like, what will guide its actions and what type of goals it will seek to achieve. They represent the soul of the business, what enables the company to function as a unique living entity.



The 5 Essential Components For Creating The DNA Of A Business

Below are what constitute the DNA of a business;


1. Purpose:

 “Why do we exist as a business?”

What need or needs are being met by this business?”


The purpose of a business is the creation of customers through the provision of innovative products/services that best meets their needs and solves their problems.


Every business exists for the sake of the customer. It is your responsibility as an entrepreneur to clarify what your business exists to create for the customer it has chosen to serve. Businesses in the same industry or serving the same class of customers generally have a common purpose peculiar to that industry.


For example, all automobile companies manufacture cars with a general purpose of conveying people and things from one location to another. However, the purpose of each automobile company as a matter of principle and practice should be operationally unique from that of the industry.


For example, Volvo’s purpose as an automobile company is to manufacture automobiles that will guarantee the safety of the lives and property on board. BMW states that it’s in business to manufacture ‘the ultimate driving machine’. They chose the creation of fast automobiles as their purpose. Volkswagen declares ‘small is beautiful’ as their unique selling proposition [USP] expressing their business purpose of creating cute and beautiful looking automobiles, etc.


This is important because customers don’t all want the same kind of solution even though they may have similar needs or problems. Variety they say is the spice of life; that is what innovation means. Give your customers a reason beyond the obvious to come to you!


2.  Vision:

What do we want to achieve using this business as a tool?”

How far do we want to go in pursuit of our purpose as a business?


The vision refers to the extent at which the business hopes to fulfill its purpose. It’s usually a definite picture of a preferable future. An image of what the company would be like when it must have fully fulfilled its reason for existing [purpose]. In other words, vision is the end result of fulfilling purpose. It’s measurable either quantitatively [size, position, number etc.] or qualitatively [brand loyalty, innovation, overall impact or contribution made, magnitude of problem solved etc.]


3. Mission:

How do we intend to succeed in this business?”

“How and what must we primarily focus on as a business to be the No.1 choice of our target customers?


The mission is the primary task of the business. Mission is the translation of the purpose and vision into specific operational strategies. It focuses on how the business can best fulfill its purpose and achieves its vision within the estimated timeline. Mission breaks down the long term vision and purpose into smaller actionable steps that can be implemented daily in the business. Mission is how the business as a tool functions.



4. Values:

 “What principles, standards and tenets must we hold to be true and never compromise as a business?”

 “How must we collectively think and behave as a business in order to fulfill our purpose, achieve our vision and execute our mission?”  


Values refer to the highest standards of behaviour and thinking expected of every member of a business. Values are the root system that holds and nourishes the business as it grows and interacts with its environment. They constitute the essential and enduring virtues of a business which governs the relationship of the business with itself and with the outside world.


5. Brand:

“Who are we as a business to the general public?”

“What is our promise to those we intend to serve?”

“How do we want to be perceived by our target customers?”

What do we want to be remembered, recognized or respected for in the marketplace?


Brand is the perceived image of the business by the outside world. It refers to the psychological association the public have towards your business. Brand is what the public holds you accountable for, it’s what they expect of your business as a tool that meets a particular need.


The goal of every entrepreneur should be the creation of a living entity [business] capable of producing specific results. These five core elements make it possible for the entrepreneur to achieve this goal. They constitute the invisible thread that binds everyone and everything inside the business together in a cult like manner.


Your turn

Does your business have a DNA?

If yes, kindly share with us how you’ve been able to put each of these 5 components of a business DNA to use in your business.

If no, how has reading this unusual article helped you to see the need to create one for your business?

Are there any other components you feel should be included in the creation of a DNA for a business?



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  1. John R. Sedivy says

    I dig your combination of business and biology – many places you can go with this line of thought. Concerning your question, I believe that every business by its very nature will have DNA. Since a business is a collection of individuals bound by a common purpose, and each individual has unique DNA, the business must be unique. The true question is whether your business DNA has been mapped?

    • says

      Thanks John for the brilliant contribution as always. You are right about your final question, whether the business DNA has been mapped?

      In other words, are entrepreneurs harnessing and harmonizing the DNA of their business?

      I guess that’s where these 5 elements come in, to help we entrepreneurs unite the DNA of our people into a corporate DNA that will power our businesses.

      • John R. Sedivy says

        Good stuff, I completely agree. Something else worth considering – Once the business DNA has been mapped, it would be a useful tool for steering evolutionary growth and progress within the business. I guess this is where the harnessing and harmonizing come into play.

        • says

          Absolutely John!

          The whole idea of a business DNA is to stimulate progress from within the business while preserving the core at the same time. Businesses with well defined and shared DNA consistently lead their peers all the while never giving up on their uniqueness.

          In the end, a business DNA like our biological DNA makes us great and also helps us preserve our greatness. So we are not just unique (different) because of our DNA, we are also made useful (making a difference) through it!

          This is the dual benefit of a DNA -uniqueness + usefulness!

  2. says

    I guess every business has a DNA at the top level. They just don’t pass it on to employees at the bottom, which really affects the overall image of a company.

    • says

      Hello Raj,
      Your observation about businesses having a DNA at the top level and not passing it down through out the entire organization is a valid one. It is funny how people can think that only the top needs to have the DNA that is supposed to power the whole. Our biological DNA doesn’t reside only in our head, it runs through our entire body, likewise, the DNA of any business should be clearly and consistently communicated and shared through out the entire business. It is not the prerogative right of a few top level executives.

      Thanks for this wonderful contribution, great to have you here!
      Be sure to come around again, going off now to have a look at your blog :)

  3. says

    Hi there,

    Wow what a great Post. Your approach about Business and DNA is so interesting and inspiring for me.
    And i`m agree with Mark. “Business is People”

    I´m glad to find this Site and your Post. It inspired me for my own Business. I want to start next Year.

    Thanks for Sharing and i wish you much Success with your Business in Future.

    Loving Greetings from Germany

    • says

      Hey Sandy!

      Thanks so much for your enthusiastic comment. I appreciate your generosity. Glad also that you were able to take in some new insights from reading the post.

      True business is people. And to be able to get the most out of working with people in business, one needs to unify the diverse DNAs of people in order to create a corporate one that will give the business a clear direction and help create a corporate culture. This is why every business small or big needs a DNA.

      Great to have you stop by, I really would love to see you again 😉

      And be sure to ask for help when you are starting out your business next year. I promise to offer necessary guidelines when needed.

      Take care and greetings from Nigeria 😉

  4. business review says

    The purpose of DNA replication is to pass on genetic material to grow new cells and to pass on the genome to the daughter cells, ensuring continuity of hereditary information from one cell to another. DNA contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. For a cell to divide, it must first replicate its DNA.

  5. Mohsin says

    I have never thought like this about my business. Setting up a DNA in business can be very helpful in order to achieve the goal of it. I have got a small business on which I work very hard to reach my goal and sometimes I fail. I will be follow these tips from the following month and will see the outcome of it. I hope it will work for me.

    • says

      Hi Mohsin!

      Thank you for your contribution. I like that you are open enough to want to give this a try, trust me – it works!

      There is nothing more unifying in a business besides the DNA, when efforts, thoughts and actions are all governed by a set of ideology (DNA) in your business, expect ONLY great things!

      Good to have you here with us, would love to see you again. Be sure to write me a mail when you create a your business DNA. Will be glad to offer any necessary assistance 😉

  6. Brenda Freeman says

    Love your thoughts on this subject – Business DNA – we all have it – it all depends on whether we understand and use these components successfully. Communicating this DNA through your business is the key – it then permeates through every activity and interaction of your business

    • says

      Hello Brenda!

      Quite a while, I am so glad to see you here again. How is business?

      I agree with you about that most businesses have a DNA, the truth like you have pointed out is how well they consciously implement and communicate it. Some have it by default and that’s not effective enough. It is not enough to have one, success lies in the process of communicating it through the business. Only then can the business reap the rewards of having a DNA.

      Thank you for your thoughtful contribution on this subject, much appreciated!

      • Brenda Freeman says

        Tito – yes it has been a while. Haven’t been on the web as much as I would like – business great and continuing to expand. (Must have that DNA implemented and communicated :) ) It is good to be back

  7. says

    Very well thought out article. My purpose is to help people be better people than before they met me. I do that by helping them to unlock their potential, overcome their fears and become the CEO’s of their Destiny. I am Branding myself thru social media, internet radio show called “Next level Living with Coach Terrance” heard on Sunday nights on I also am using and marketing cutting edge video technology to increase my presence on the internet and networking potential.
    As they say, “If you are not Networking, you are not Working!” It’s important to work with Integrity as well and really find out why You Do what You Do! My WHY is because I want better for myself and everyone God blesses me to encounter! There is room at the Top for Everyone; Someone just needs to want to Be There!

    • says

      Thank You Terrance for this brilliant comment. I really appreciate you taking time to answer the questions and share with the community your own business DNA, God bless you reall good!

      Social media is a great tool for branding and in due time you will reap the rewards of your efforts. I think your quote summed it up excellently “If you are not Networking, you are not Working!”

  8. says

    I must confess Mr. Tito that the way you used a Computer system to explain gave me an Insight about what You were writing here.
    Sir, you have touched many businesses with your inspiring articles, keep It up!


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