Tito Philips, Jnr.

Tito Philips, Jnr.

1) I help ordinary people build SIGNIFICANT [extraordinary] companies that are profitably changing the world. It’s called business consulting.

2) I create unusual websites + online marketing campaigns that will take your brand global and bring you clients from where you least expected -worldwide! It’s called e-marketing.

3) I help give your business an irrestible corporate image. It’s called printing/branding.

4) I help make lives meaningful, extra-ordinary and fulfilling. It’s called Life Coaching.

5) I help entrepreneurs create compelling stories about their brand, company, product or service that naturally convert their prospects into paying customers. Its called content development.

6) I verbally communicate paradigm shifting ideas that empowers ordinary people, businesses & lives to be SIGNIFICANT {extraordinarily unique and extraordinarily making a difference}. It’s called training/public speaking.


I’m a People,Business & Life developer!

I write, speak, coach, train & consult on how people, businesses & lives can be SIGNIFICANT -different [unique] & making a difference! [useful].

I am a Nigerian who is  MAD–Making A Difference. My whole life is dedicated to the study and development of  People, Business and Life. I am an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, business consultant and life coach who specializes in helping People, Business and Life become SIGNIFICANT:-unique (different) and useful (making a difference!)

My  passion for people, business and life led me to create, an organization dedicated to the development of people, businesses and lives.  I am also the founder of ‘‘ – a business development resource for Entrepreneurs, – Nigeria’s 1st complete integrated digital marketing solution and ‘‘ – platform for national CHANGE where Nigerians UNITE voices to collectively address issues affecting Nigeria and Nigerians in order to effect POSITIVE CHANGES.

I am a graduate of the University of Lagos where I studied Business Administration. I have written several articles some of which were published in The Sun and The Guardian Newspapers. My writing prowess has earned me the much coveted “Platinum Expert Author” status on

I have authored an unusual manifesto [ebook] for entrepreneurs titled; “The Entrepreneur’s Journey” and currently working on a book; “ENTREPRENEURSHIP: How To Awaken The Spirit Of Business Within, change the world and profit from purpose by building companies that matter” watch out!

I am the co-founding partner of [an IT consulting] firm as a consultant in charge of the firm’s marketing, business development and strategic planning.

I am a Christian, married and presently reside in Lagos, Nigeria.

Why Listen To Me?

The principles and practices I share on this blog are those that I have personally applied and is still applying both in my life and in my business.

I refer to them as the principles and practices of SIGNIFICANCE — the art of being Unique [different] and Useful [making a difference].

Since 2005, when i redefined my life from an internet scam artist to a people, business and life builder; using this principles and practices of SIGNIFICANCE has helped me accomplish the following.

  • Turned around a dead cybercafe in one year into an household name generating a total annual revenue of N4,000,000 with over 1700 loyal customers!
  • Co-founded an IT company [NEWCHILD] from scratch and built it into one of Nigeria’s most innovative web development brands powering unusual ideas online.
  •  Helped start-up a customized clothing company [Kadozky Couture] from a pet project in 2005 into a fast growing fashion outfit making customized apparels for such brands like; Chicken Republic, Access Bank, Hip Hop Awards and others.
  • Co-founded Young CEO Magazine a soon to be published business resource for growing Nigerian entrepreneurs.
  • Graduated top of my class from the University Of Lagos [Unilag] with a BSc degree in Business Administration despite the challenges of combining business with schooling and the leadership responsibilities of mentoring over 100 coursemates all through my studies.

Still not convinced?

Read about my unusual journey into the world of entrepreneurship here – Origin of MADphilips