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On Monday the 25th day of July 2011 happens to be my birthday and also the 1st year anniversary of naijapreneur Exactly a year ago I launched this site naijapreneur as my 26th birthday gift to the world. I wrote about this in the very first post on this site, you can read about it here.


This experience of using one’s birthday as a blessing to others by creating a completely new project to give away as a gift to the world has been a huge blessing indeed. In other words, my birthdays are not just a celebration of life; they are also an avenue through which to make a difference.


What is this year’s gift?


A 100+ page manifesto of unusual information for unusual entrepreneurs titled; “The Entrepreneur’s Journey”

In this ebook;


  • You will learn how to awaken the spirit of business within by discovering your purpose.
  • You will learn how to start and build a business that matters.
  • You will learn how to change the world and profit from purpose.
  • You will learn how to evaluate the progress of your entrepreneurial journey


To get the book, enter your name and email into the box below and it will be delivered straight into your inbox.



I first learnt about this idea of using one’s birthday as a gift to the world from Seth Godin and started applying it to my life 2 years ago on my 25th birthday. Last year when I shared this story on the launch of naijapreneur with some young Nigerian CEOs, a bank manager was greatly inspired by it that she decided to celebrate her 40th birthday in an orphanage with less privileged kids. Rather than ask invitees to give her a present, she asked us to bring the motherless children gifts instead.


Not only do I look forward to my birthday every July 25th, I also look forward to the completion of a goal I set for myself a year ago. In essence, my birthdays serve as a benchmark for evaluating the progress of my life. I have learnt to not only grow older, but striving to do better with each passing year of my life. With each New Year, I conclude an old goal and set a new one against my next birthday.


These goals however are not random in nature, rather they are strategic. The completion of one leads me closer to the fulfillment of my life’s purpose. I want to be able to look back at the end of my life and see that I did use my life for something SIGNIFICANT [unique and useful].

The Entrepreneur’s Journey

The entrepreneur’s journey is the most unusual journey of your life as a human being. It is often referred to by many as “the road less traveled”. The journey is not only tough, but also long. It is one journey that rarely has an end except death. The entrepreneur’s journey is a journey of a lifetime. It is one you are embarking on with your life!


In this free eBook, I will be showing you how To Awaken The Spirit Of Business Within, Build A Business That Matters, Change The World, Profit From Purpose, evaluate your progress and make a success out of this unusual journey. I will be showing you how to succeed in business without losing your entrepreneurial soul. I will be showing you how to build a business that fulfills your life’s purpose!



Inside every one of us lies the spirit of business. That spirit of business is our purpose. The particular assignment every one of us have been created to accomplish here on earth. Your purpose is the spirit of business within you!


There is a problem plaguing humanity and the solution to that problem lies within you. For every problem, there is a purpose. Problems don’t exist for nothing; they exist for a purpose – to be solved. The purpose of problems is to inspire the quest for a solution. Problems offer mankind the rare privilege to be creative.


Without problems, we humans face the inherent danger of losing our creative potentials. Thank God for problems, because they help unlock our creativity. In other words, they help unleash the spirit of business [purpose] within every one of us!


The entrepreneur’s journey is about unleashing the spirit of business within. It is about our lifelong quest as entrepreneurs of creatively coming up with unique and useful solutions to the problems plaguing humanity. It is about using your life to make an impact through your business.


It is about you and the contributions you want to make through the business or businesses you establish. It is about finding and fulfilling your life’s purpose profitably. It is about making profits by making a difference [creating unique and useful solutions to humanity’s problems]. It is about using your life to build a SIGNIFICANT [extra-ordinary] business that fulfills your purpose here on earth profitably.


It is about changing the world and profiting from purpose!


This manifesto is not written for everybody. It is written for only those who care more about the quality of life they live rather than merely focusing on survival [getting by]. This report is written for those entrepreneurs who are purpose-driven; I refer to them as unusual entrepreneurs.


It is not only a road map, but more like a compass that brings you back on course every time you seem to have lost your way. Believe me when I say this, you’ll definitely lose your way from time to time as you go along this journey of the less traveled.





This is a gift and its not meant to be kept, it is meant to be shared.


There are a million and one unusual entrepreneurs out there in your network, this manifesto was written strictly for them. This is my birthday gift to you, in return all I ask is that you share it with others out there as well. Help spread the word. Please retweet on Twitter, share on Facebook, Linkedin, google+ and forward via email.


I look forward to hearing from you!


Thank you and God bless.

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  1. Didn’t get to say Happy Birthday to our great Tito on time but all the same happy birthday bro..More grease to your elbow and thanks for this valuable gift. Though, I haven’t read it but I know it will worth my time when I do.

    Cheers man.

  2. I guess I was a bit late with birthday wish! Anyway, this is awesome idea. Going to download it. Thanks for this unusual gift.

  3. Happy belated birthday Tito. As you can tell – I’m still busy as ever. Good busy though…work is booming – the kids are growing; life is great. This time of the year is always like this for me…I can’t shake it.

    I’m so excited to checkout your ebook. For some reason when I hit submit on the form it didn’t execute. I reloaded the page; didn’t work. I closed my browser and came back; still didn’t work.

    Might need you to hand deliver (personally email) me a copy. I’m on your mail chimp list already…so maybe that’s why it’s not working???

    Anyhow – I know that you’re all about quality, so I NEED to ready this huge ebook.


    • Thanks JK for the birthday wishes, I couldn’t share the ebook on the exact day because of some design delays. That’s why it came a week after. Good to hear that your are productively busy, wishing you success in all your endeavours.

  4. John R. Sedivy says:

    Happy belated birthday and congratulations on one year of Naijapreneur! You have made some amazing progress in a short amount of time!

  5. victor ufot says:

    Tito. How can i get the ebook. The form is not working for me also. Thanks

    • Hey Vic,
      you cannot enter your email because you are already subscribed. Check your email with the same title as this post and you will see the download link at the bottom of the message. ok?

      Let me know how it goes.

  6. victor ufot says:

    Tito. Thanks. Hope youre doing great. I tried but the link brings me back to this page. Thanks

  7. This is the excellent Article FREE eBOOK: The Entrepreneur’s Journey This Is Useful to Us I Like This thanks for sharing this dude………

  8. Glory to God for you brother Tito, you always inspire me to keep on going and making it happen in my life

  9. its a nice ebook, wish you all the best
    Exploring The Internet

  10. puneet b saini says:

    i am unable to download the e book …the link is not working :( …what should i do ?

  11. Happy Belated Birthday Tito! I am new to your website, in fact this is my first encounter with your articles and you’ve got me inspired to startoff my own business. you are right about people asking about what business to startoff with cos when we were employed, we’re just too overwhelmed with work that we did not have time to think about who we are and what we want to do to make a difference to the world, if that is permissable…I will start up my own business soon and would need alot of guidance from you, so look forward to more great articles from you! as for your E- book, would like to have a copy if is still available to be given away. Thanks!


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