Marketing 101: Creating and sustaining profitable customer relationships

Marketing 101

Marketing 101

Marketing is that part of your business that enables all the other parts to function. It is the most basic function of a business. Without marketing, your business literally doesn’t exist. Why?

Because a business exists to create a customer and marketing is how you find, attract, keep and grow customers profitably. In other words, you are as good as dead if you don’t get marketing RIGHT!

This is true for all businesses, whether small, medium or big. Every business needs marketing to remain in business. However, from experience, we’ve discovered that so many small businesses don’t fully grasp the concept of marketing. To some, marketing is advertising and to others, marketing is selling. Neither is totally wrong, both are just myopic views of marketing. That is; looking at marketing from only one perspective. The complete view of marketing is beyond advertising or selling.

The marketing that works is a relationship. It involves consciously creating and sustaining a win-win relationship between a company and her customers.

So to help you get your marketing RIGHT, one that focuses completely on identifying, attracting, keeping and growing profitable customer relationships, we’ve carefully selected some of our unusual articles on marketing 101 as essential readings for you.

In the following unusual articles below, you will find the necessary principles and best practices on marketing 101 that will help you create winning marketing strategies that will empower your business in building profitable customer relationships.

Marketing 101:

9 Unusual Articles For Creating And Sustaining Profitable Customer Relationships

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