Entrepreneurship 101: Cracking The Entrepreneur Code

Entrepreneurship is a journey, one that you embark on with your life. Because you have only ONE life, you can’t afford to make a mess of your entrepreneurial journey!

To make this journey a success, you need to first crack the entrepreneur code. And by that we mean develop the right entrepreneurship mindset. This is Entrepreneurship 101. Without the right mindset, it is impossible not to make a mess of your entrepreneurial journey.

So, we’ve put together a collection of some of our unusual articles on entrepreneurship that will serve as foundational knowledge to help you develop the right entrepreneurship mindset. These are our introductory tutorials on entrepreneurship, together, they are Entrepreneurship 101.

In these unusual articles, you will get the answers to some of the questions you have about entrepreneurship. Questions such as;

  • Why become an entrepreneur?
  • How do I become an entrepreneur?
  • What is the purpose of entrepreneurship?
  • What makes successful entrepreneurs?
  • What are some of the challenges of entrepreneurship?
  • And many more …..

Entrepreneurship 101:

The ABCP Guide To Entrepreneurship

We don’t believe learning should be difficult and so we’ve broken down the process of cracking the entrepreneur code into four simple steps that will help you develop the right mindset for entrepreneurship. We call it

“The ABCP Guide To Entrepreneurship”

Here’s what we believe entrepreneurship is all about in four simple steps;

A = awakening the spirit of business within

B = building a business that matters

C = changing the world

P = profiting from purpose

Every unusual article you will be reading below fall into one or more of these four basic steps to cracking the entrepreneur code –developing the right entrepreneurship mindset. Again, it’s important you bear in mind that these unusual articles are foundational. Meaning, they don’t cover all you need to know about entrepreneurship, but provide adequate knowledge that will aid your continuous  learning on the subject.

9 Unusual Articles For Developing The RIGHT Entrepreneurship Mindset

Meet Other Real World Entrepreneurs Like Yourself

Theories don’t do much without an avenue for real world experience. To show you how the ABCP of entrepreneurship works, on naijapreneur we profile several unusual entrepreneurs in a series of interviews. Through these unusual entrepreneur interviews, we hope to inspire you and reinforce the right entrepreneurship mindset the success stories of other entrepreneurs like yourself.


What Next?

Again, the unusual articles above are foundational, there’s a lot more to discover about this important topic, so download our unusual 100+ page manifesto on entrepreneurship to learn more. Enter your information below and we’ll send you the free copy of  “The Entrepreneur’s Journey” ebook!