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What does it really take to achieve entrepreneurial success? From my experience as a business development consultant and entrepreneurial coach, I have seen two different schools of thought on this issue.   1.   It Takes WILL To Succeed As An Entrepreneur The first school of thought believes that entrepreneurial success is a matter of determination –WILL. The underlying assumption is this; if you are determined to succeed, you will succeed. This underlying assumption is built … [Read More...]

business revolution

BUSINESS REVOLUTION: 18 Ways to Build a Business that MATTERS!

Business revolution is what unusual entrepreneurs start. They don’t just Do business, they START a business revolution. How? By building a business that MATTERS! I have always strongly believed that there’s more to entrepreneurship than just business as usual. I believe entrepreneurship is a test of your life seeking expression through an idea. The idea is one that possesses you to do something about a problem, a need or an opportunity. It draws upon your passion, life experience, … [Read More...]

Entrepreneurial Advantage

The Entrepreneurial Advantage: Why Entrepreneurs Succeed Faster Than Others

 What’s the one thing that gives an entrepreneur the unfair advantage over others?   Time freedom. The fact that you own 100% of your time is your greatest advantage as an entrepreneur. While others have to give up their time in exchange for salary, entrepreneurs make use of their time to create products/services that makes them money. I’ve previously written about this; how entrepreneurs create wealth in their spare time. For an employee, there’s a limit to their income potential … [Read More...]

Becoming An Entrepreneur

How To Become An Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurship for The Rest of US!

Can Everyone Become An Entrepreneur? OR Is Entrepreneurship for Everyone?   To effectively answer this question, we’ve got to go back to the very beginning; what is entrepreneurship? We need to understand the very meaning of the word –entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is derived from the French word ‘Entrepreneur’, dating as far back as 1723. It means an individual who undertakes, organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business with considerable initiative and risk. In … [Read More...]

The STATUS QUO Entrepreneur

The STATUS QUO Entrepreneur: Why Some Entrepreneurs Will NEVER Stop Struggling In Business

For every new subscriber to naijapreneur, in the welcome email, I often encourage them to write me back telling me about what they are currently struggling with in their business. In other words, what’s their business status quo? Exactly 3 days after their subscription, they get another email from me asking them to tell me what they are currently struggling with in their business. Why do I insist on you sharing your business struggles with me? Because I know you wouldn’t be reading … [Read More...]


The Anatomy Of Entrepreneurship: Top 10 Characteristics of An Entrepreneur

Clearly understanding the characteristics of an entrepreneur is an important step in your entrepreneurial journey. Why? Because being an entrepreneur requires a lot from an individual that is often not properly thought through before many venture into entrepreneurship. But until recently, entrepreneurs were not widely studied. There was a general lack of knowledge and information about what made them tick. One of the leading studies on the anatomy of an entrepreneur was published by the … [Read More...]

decision-making for entrepreneurs

Decision Making Checklist for Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur’s decisions affect the success of his products, the loyalty of his employees and the overall success of his business. In order to make the best decisions you have to think critically and quickly. You have to avoid flaws in the process which may harm the business when confronted with an important decision. Strong business decision-making skills are an important characteristic of entrepreneurs. They should make the right choices at the right time to remain competitive in the … [Read More...]

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How should you market your business?

Business Mastery: How Should Entrepreneurs Be Profitably Marketing Their Business?

This is the second article of a new series, I have tagged it “Business Mastery Series”. Throughout this series, I will be addressing some key issues that are pertinent to your success in business as an entrepreneur.   If you missed out on the first article, you can read it here; BUSINESS MASTERY: how should entrepreneurs be … [Read More...]

Founder Mike Morris

Unusual Entrepreneur Interview With Mike Morris Of

Welcome to another edition of the unusual entrepreneur interviews and today we have with us Mike Morris, the founder of Triplefy – an online platform for small business to create and instantly sell Daily Deals and Gift Cards. Enjoy!   Interview Questions Part One ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Awakening the Spirit of business   1.       Can … [Read More...]

What are the laws of entrepreneurship?

The 27 Irrefutable Laws Of Entrepreneurship

All entrepreneurs create businesses, but all entrepreneurs are not created equal.   The business mastery series is a collection of unusual articles that will take you through the essential skills necessary for successfully starting and running a SIGNIFICANT company –a business that is changing the world and profiting from purpose. The world … [Read More...]

How can I unlock my purpose as an entrepreneur?

Discovering Your Purpose As An Entrepreneur (Part 2)

How can you tell what your purpose is? This is a sequel to a previous post, i strongly suggest you read that first for complete understanding. 1. Find out what kind of person you ARE: as far as I know, there are only two kinds of people in the world; those who like doing things ‘with people’ and those who like working ‘with things’. If you … [Read More...]

9 Ways How NOT To Start A Business

9 Ways How NOT To Start A Business

A journey that begins with a wrong step seldom ends at the right destination. Becoming your own boss has sort of gained a global appeal. These days many people start up their own businesses for virtually any reason. Somehow it doesn’t seem to count anymore what led people to go into business, going into business has suddenly become the new … [Read More...]