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Reinvesting profits

5 Strategies for Reinvesting Profits to Grow Your Business

The concept of reinvesting profits is one that every entrepreneur should be intimately familiar with. Especially in your early years in business, the need to pay yourself can greatly impact your capacity to set aside some funds from your profits for reinvestment purposes. While this is the reality for most growing entrepreneurs and businesses, you shouldn't conform to it. The ideal situation is that you refrain as much as you can from siphoning money away from your business for personal use. … [Read More...]

Execution 4

Part 3: EXECUTION 2015!

Still on the issue of EXECUTION 2015 and our goal of making this year work for you and your business, permit me to go further. In my first unusual article on EXECUTION 2015, I pointed out the two kinds of execution that exists; Energy-Driven Execution and Strategy-Driven Execution. In the second installment of this series, I went a great deal to explain and analyze these two kinds of execution. This is my third piece, and I am going to talk about a very key component that is not often … [Read More...]

Execution 2

Part 2: EXECUTION 2015!

In continuing our discussion on EXECUTION 2015 -how to make this year work, let me shed more insights on the two kinds of execution discussed previously. Energy-Driven Execution This is the most common type of execution in the world of business. As a matter of fact, it’s what 99% of entrepreneurs use and that’s why the 1% who succeed are those who use the other kind of execution. In other words, this is what powers majority of businesses. Let me tell you a story to practically … [Read More...]


EXECUTION 2015: How to Make this Year Work!

Welcome to 2015, so glad you made it! Breaking the silence It's been precisely 2 months ago you last heard from me, I wish it weren't so. But couldn't just help it. I have been busy working on a very impact-driven project with my Vision Partners [team] to relaunch one of our failed projects since 2011. Last week Tuesday we finally launched and it's been one heck of a crazy ride! I just couldn't help NOT thinking of you and feeling bad about the sudden silence. … [Read More...]

Startup planning

Startup Planning: 5 Things You Fundamentally Need to Start A New Business

Startup planning refers to all the essential things you need to consider when starting up a new business. As an entrepreneur, there are so many things you need to consider when starting up a new business. But of all these things, the 5 essential factors you need to focus on during your startup planning that will guarantee a successful launch of your new business are; Team Product Market Business Model Capital Let’s take a closer look at each of them.   Startup … [Read More...]

entrepreneurial success


What does it really take to achieve entrepreneurial success? From my experience as a business development consultant and entrepreneurial coach, I have seen two different schools of thought on this issue.   1.   It Takes WILL To Succeed As An Entrepreneur The first school of thought believes that entrepreneurial success is a matter of determination –WILL. The underlying assumption is this; if you are determined to succeed, you will succeed. This underlying assumption is built … [Read More...]

business revolution

BUSINESS REVOLUTION: 18 Ways to Build a Business that MATTERS!

Business revolution is what unusual entrepreneurs start. They don’t just Do business, they START a business revolution. How? By building a business that MATTERS! I have always strongly believed that there’s more to entrepreneurship than just business as usual. I believe entrepreneurship is a test of your life seeking expression through an idea. The idea is one that possesses you to do something about a problem, a need or an opportunity. It draws upon your passion, life experience, … [Read More...]

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Qualities of effective leadership

The 3 Essential Qualities Of Effective Leadership

What are the 3 essential qualities of effective leadership? The foundation of every successful CEO is leadership. The two other roles (management and entrepreneurship) that make up the 3 essential roles of every CEO builds upon the success of your role as a leader. The  3 Essential Qualities Of Effective Leadership In continuing our … [Read More...]

How should you market your business?

Business Mastery: How Should Entrepreneurs Be Profitably Marketing Their Business?

This is the second article of a new series, I have tagged it “Business Mastery Series”. Throughout this series, I will be addressing some key issues that are pertinent to your success in business as an entrepreneur.   If you missed out on the first article, you can read it here; BUSINESS MASTERY: how should entrepreneurs be … [Read More...]

What is your business?

The Most Important Business Question EVER For Entrepreneurs

When asked what was the most important business question ever, management guru Peter Drucker answered;     "What is our business?"   Defining your business is the most important task all entrepreneurs need to do in order to succeed in their venture.   Your business is not the product/service you offer. Your … [Read More...]


Entrepreneurial Fears: How To Conquer Those Inner Demons Limiting Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Between the conceptualization of business a idea or the recognition of a business opportunity and the actual execution of the idea or the pursuit of the business opportunity, there is a gap. This gap is caused by fear, those inner demons that rare up their ugly heads as you embark on your entrepreneur’s journey. I refer to them as entrepreneurial … [Read More...]

Is there a magic formula for business success?

The Almighty Formula For Business Success!

In business as it is peculiar to most important things in life, there are certain fundamental truths you cannot do without in order to succeed.   For instance, everyone instinctively knows that long lasting success in any sphere of life is unattainable without handwork. In essence, hard work becomes an essential element in the … [Read More...]