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decision-making for entrepreneurs

Decision Making Checklist for Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur’s decisions affect the success of his products, the loyalty of his employees and the overall success of his business. In order to make the best decisions you have to think critically and quickly. You have to avoid flaws in the process which may harm the business when confronted with an important decision. Strong business decision-making skills are an important characteristic of entrepreneurs. They should make the right choices at the right time to remain competitive in the … [Read More...]

Ernest Umeike 2

Unusual Entrepreneur Interview With Ernest Umeike Of

In this edition of the unusual entrepreneur interviews, ex-banker Ernest Umeike after losing his job finally decides it’s time to take on the entrepreneur’s journey. In this interview, he shared with us why he decided to launch his startup; PushandStart – a crowdfunding platform. He also takes us behind the scenes on; How to define a price for your product/service, The crucial difference between a business idea and a business opportunity, The essential role mentors play in the … [Read More...]

beats by dre marketing strategies

5 Beats by Dr. Dre Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Not often do you get to see a brand quickly become a global phenomenon as the beats by Dr. Dre brand. Since it launched in 2008, the Beats by Dr. Dre brand has risen to a 53% share of the global headphones market. Also, the current news about Apple’s proposed 3.2 billion dollar acquisition further confirms the magnitude of the brand. In my typical entrepreneurial style, I decided to dig deeper amidst the ongoing buzz to uncover the behind-the-scene secrets of this powerful brand in … [Read More...]


DO MORE: 21 Free Powerful eBooks for Entrepreneurs, Plus Something Extra!

Very few things have as much impact on your capacity to succeed as an entrepreneur like learning does. From my over 10 years personal study of entrepreneurship and successful entrepreneurs, plus my 8 years personal experience as an entrepreneur, besides passion and purpose, one other common denominator I found across board is this; voracious learning. Self Education For Entrepreneurs All education is self-education.  Period.  It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in a college … [Read More...]

Business Plan

What Is The Purpose Of Entrepreneurship? 21 Answers from 21 Unusual Entrepreneurs

Regardless of the goal, task or activity being undertaken, there are a lot of factors that can be attributed to your success or failure in any given endeavour. But of all these factors, none is as powerful as personal conviction –a deep seated belief that you can accomplish the goal, task or activity and an unwavering commitment to do whatever it takes to get it done. This personal conviction comes from clarity of purpose –an unbiased understanding of WHY [the reason] you are undertaking … [Read More...]


The MOST IMPORTANT Word In Business

Each time I throw open this question to entrepreneurs; what is the most important word in business? The most frequent answer I get is profit. Profit is a short term view of assessing the health and wealth of a business. Unless you want to stay in business for the short term, don't focus on profit alone. The most important word in business is not profit, but cash flow. Yet, many entrepreneurs strongly believe that profit is the most important word in business. But according to … [Read More...]

Hamilton Powell - Crown & Caliber

Unusual Entrepreneur Interview With Hamilton Powell Of

In 2011, Hamilton Powell sold a couch on Craigslist. By 9:00pm, a man in a van showed up with $400 cash to his office. It scared the heck out of him! That’s when he started thinking about the downsides of Craigslist and it led him to search for common categories that are more valuable, and therefore even scarier to sell, than couches. He typed in several search terms and when he typed in “Rolex” he was dumbfounded. Right there, he knew there had to be a better way to sell a watch. And Crown … [Read More...]

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How are you attracting, keeping and growing profitable customers?

BUSINESS GROWTH 101: How To Attract, Keep And Grow Profitable Customers

Perhaps my greatest discovery in my journey as an entrepreneur was from Peter Drucker’s statement about marketing. Here it is;  “The purpose of marketing is to make selling superfluous”. Now, not many people understand what the last word in that sentence mean, so I am going to explain. Superfluous means unnecessary, period. Meaning … [Read More...]


The 3 Essential Roles Of Successful CEOs

  Do you have what it takes to be a CEO?   A CEO in a very simple term is the leader of an organization. This title is only given to someone who is occupying the highest position in an organization and is solely responsible for the success or failure of the organization.   This means, you are a CEO because of a certain … [Read More...]

How to win the price war


There is no business without competitions; the days of the monopolist are long gone. Regardless of how relatively new an industry may seem, a careful research will reveal two or more other competitions. So like I often remind entrepreneurs, since very few businesses exist in isolation, what are you going to do about the competition? The … [Read More...]

website content review

Free Website CONTENT Review: Does your website SPEAK the language of your TARGET customers?

As more and more businesses are leveraging the internet to find, attract, convert and retain profitable customers, it’s now very important for your website to speak the language of your target customers. Ever been to a website that left you wondering;  “What exactly do they do?” “What exactly are they trying to say?” “What exactly do they … [Read More...]

Do you have the RIGHT character for leading effectively?

Developing The Right Character For Effective Leadership

Do you have the RIGHT character for effective leadership?   Truth be told; developing ones character is not an easy task, it’s a lifelong task, but its benefits outweighs any pain suffered along the way. Character is not a destination that is reached; it’s a continuous process that must be perpetually worked on. Just as Eleanor Roosevelt … [Read More...]