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The Anatomy Of Entrepreneurship: Top 10 Characteristics of An Entrepreneur

Clearly understanding the characteristics of an entrepreneur is an important step in your entrepreneurial journey. Why? Because being an entrepreneur requires a lot from an individual that is often not properly thought through before many venture into entrepreneurship. But until recently, entrepreneurs were not widely studied. There was a general lack of knowledge and information about what made them tick. One of the leading studies on the anatomy of an entrepreneur was published by the … [Read More...]

decision-making for entrepreneurs

Decision Making Checklist for Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur’s decisions affect the success of his products, the loyalty of his employees and the overall success of his business. In order to make the best decisions you have to think critically and quickly. You have to avoid flaws in the process which may harm the business when confronted with an important decision. Strong business decision-making skills are an important characteristic of entrepreneurs. They should make the right choices at the right time to remain competitive in the … [Read More...]

Ernest Umeike 2

Unusual Entrepreneur Interview With Ernest Umeike Of

In this edition of the unusual entrepreneur interviews, ex-banker Ernest Umeike after losing his job finally decides it’s time to take on the entrepreneur’s journey. In this interview, he shared with us why he decided to launch his startup; PushandStart – a crowdfunding platform. He also takes us behind the scenes on; How to define a price for your product/service, The crucial difference between a business idea and a business opportunity, The essential role mentors play in the … [Read More...]

beats by dre marketing strategies

5 Beats by Dr. Dre Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Not often do you get to see a brand quickly become a global phenomenon as the beats by Dr. Dre brand. Since it launched in 2008, the Beats by Dr. Dre brand has risen to a 53% share of the global headphones market. Also, the current news about Apple’s proposed 3.2 billion dollar acquisition further confirms the magnitude of the brand. In my typical entrepreneurial style, I decided to dig deeper amidst the ongoing buzz to uncover the behind-the-scene secrets of this powerful brand in … [Read More...]


DO MORE: 21 Free Powerful eBooks for Entrepreneurs, Plus Something Extra!

Very few things have as much impact on your capacity to succeed as an entrepreneur like learning does. From my over 10 years personal study of entrepreneurship and successful entrepreneurs, plus my 8 years personal experience as an entrepreneur, besides passion and purpose, one other common denominator I found across board is this; voracious learning. Self Education For Entrepreneurs All education is self-education.  Period.  It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in a college … [Read More...]

Business Plan

What Is The Purpose Of Entrepreneurship? 21 Answers from 21 Unusual Entrepreneurs

Regardless of the goal, task or activity being undertaken, there are a lot of factors that can be attributed to your success or failure in any given endeavour. But of all these factors, none is as powerful as personal conviction –a deep seated belief that you can accomplish the goal, task or activity and an unwavering commitment to do whatever it takes to get it done. This personal conviction comes from clarity of purpose –an unbiased understanding of WHY [the reason] you are undertaking … [Read More...]


The MOST IMPORTANT Word In Business

Each time I throw open this question to entrepreneurs; what is the most important word in business? The most frequent answer I get is profit. Profit is a short term view of assessing the health and wealth of a business. Unless you want to stay in business for the short term, don't focus on profit alone. The most important word in business is not profit, but cash flow. Yet, many entrepreneurs strongly believe that profit is the most important word in business. But according to … [Read More...]

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Use your birthday to make contribution

How To Celebrate Your Birthdays As An Entrepreneur

How do you celebrate your birthdays as an entrepreneur?   I marked my 26th year birthday yesterday (July 25, 2010) and I’m so sorry I couldn’t invite you all to come and jolly and party with me. I’m sure you can imagine what a party of about 4,515 guests will look like?   So every year because of my inability to invite my … [Read More...]

How Do You Choose A Unique Brand Name?

How To Choose A Unique Brand Name For Your Business, Product Or Service

Business Startup FAQs [2] How Do You Choose A Unique Brand Name? This is another unusual article under the business mastery series. In a previous article, I listed out 10 Business Startup FAQs that most entrepreneurs often ask when starting out in business. Here are the questions again below. I have answered question 1 – 3 in the first article, … [Read More...]

the human side of entrepreneurship

The HUMAN SIDE Of Entrepreneurship: Why Entrepreneurs Also CRY!

Being an entrepreneur has its own perks and privileges such as time freedom, financial freedom, creative expression, admiration of peers, attraction of the opposite sex [trust me] and celebrity status, thanks to social media. Amidst all these, entrepreneurship also has its own share of woes and challenges. Yes entrepreneurs are perhaps one of … [Read More...]

Why did you become an entrepreneur?

Why Did You Become An Entrepreneur?

Are you really an entrepreneur; a person who takes risks to create change? Or are you just one of those multitudes who hide under the title of an ‘entrepreneur’ to make ends meet? So much fuss about entrepreneurship, yet so little impact.   Why? Because many people going about with the title of an entrepreneur are not really in it to … [Read More...]


Unusual Entrepreneur Interview With Dov Gordon Of

  Welcome to another edition of the Unusual Entrepreneur Interviews and today we have here with us unusual entrepreneur Dov Gordon. He is the alchemist entrepreneur of The Gordon Group, a company that is passionate about helping entrepreneurs attract a steady, consistent, predictable flow of new customers and clients. I’m so excited to … [Read More...]