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What Is The Purpose Of Entrepreneurship? 21 Answers from 21 Unusual Entrepreneurs

Regardless of the goal, task or activity being undertaken, there are a lot of factors that can be attributed to your success or failure in any given endeavour. But of all these factors, none is as powerful as personal conviction –a deep seated belief that you can accomplish the goal, task or activity and an unwavering commitment to do whatever it takes to get it done. This personal conviction comes from clarity of purpose –an unbiased understanding of WHY [the reason] you are undertaking … [Read More...]


The MOST IMPORTANT Word In Business

Each time I throw open this question to entrepreneurs; what is the most important word in business? The most frequent answer I get is profit. Profit is a short term view of assessing the health and wealth of a business. Unless you want to stay in business for the short term, don't focus on profit alone. The most important word in business is not profit, but cash flow. Yet, many entrepreneurs strongly believe that profit is the most important word in business. But according to … [Read More...]

Hamilton Powell - Crown & Caliber

Unusual Entrepreneur Interview With Hamilton Powell Of

In 2011, Hamilton Powell sold a couch on Craigslist. By 9:00pm, a man in a van showed up with $400 cash to his office. It scared the heck out of him! That’s when he started thinking about the downsides of Craigslist and it led him to search for common categories that are more valuable, and therefore even scarier to sell, than couches. He typed in several search terms and when he typed in “Rolex” he was dumbfounded. Right there, he knew there had to be a better way to sell a watch. And Crown … [Read More...]

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Personal Branding Checklist for Entrepreneurs

What’s the singular driving force behind the success of unusual entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, and many others in their league? Is it their ground breaking innovations or exceptional business skills or determination? The answer is neither. While it’s obvious that all of these attributes definitely contributed to their success, as a matter of fact, these are the very attributes that have been often popularized. The truth is that … [Read More...]


5 Ways To Reduce Inventory Costs And Boost Profitability

Unusual Entrepreneurs are in business to make a profit by making a difference. Around here, we simply call it; changing the world and profiting from purpose. Neither is an easy task. While you should always strive to create products/services that positively impact the life of your customers, you should never lose sight of the bottom-line –profits. The more profits you are able to make, the more impact you will eventually make. So in this unusual article, we would be looking at one of the … [Read More...]

Frayed wallet with change

Business Funding Checklist: 9 Brutal Facts You Shouldn’t Overlook When Raising Money

Perhaps the most frequently asked question by entrepreneurs is this; “How do I get funding for my business?” Without any doubt, this is a very valid question. However, this is not the right question entrepreneurs should start with. Rather, they should be asking questions such as these; “Will I get funding for my business?” “Should I get funding for my business?” “When do I qualify for funding?” “How can I build my company without funding or by delaying funding?” The question of … [Read More...]

entrepreneurial foolishness

Entrepreneurial FOOLISHNESS: How To Become A Better FOOL In Business

Recently I got this remark from one of my startup consulting clients during one of our strategy sessions. She said; "why didn't I come to you 3 years ago when I just was starting out?" I replied; "Because you didn't think it was SO necessary". And that's the sincere answer. She was just starting out for the first time. She was full of her dreams and had great ideas about how her business was going to turn out.  As a matter of fact, she had sufficient technical skills than most of her … [Read More...]

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Ryan Hart

Unusual Entrepreneur Interview With Ryan Hart Of

Welcome to another edition of the Unusual Entrepreneur Interviews and today we have here with us unusual entrepreneur Ryan Hart. He is the 26 years old founder of Hart Ventures, a company that is passionate about creating innovation for the purpose of meaningfully improving the lives of others. I’m so excited to have him on the unusual … [Read More...]

Qualities of effective leadership

The 3 Essential Qualities Of Effective Leadership

The foundation of every successful CEO is leadership. The two other roles (management and entrepreneurship) that make up the 3 essential roles of every CEO builds upon the success of your role as a leader. In continuing our discussion on the role of the CEO as a leader, here are three essential qualities of effective leadership; Character … [Read More...]

Bassey Daniel

Unusual Entrepreneur Interview With Bassey Daniel Of

In this second installment of the Unusual Entrepreneur Interviews for 2013, I have with me today, Bassey Daniel the founder of SMEclub –a Multipurpose Co-operative Society. I met with Bassey Daniel for the first time last year August and we connected immediately because of our shared passion for rebuilding Nigeria through entrepreneurship … [Read More...]

Business Plan

The TWO Kinds Of Business, Which ONE Are You Building?

This is going to be a very passionate post, so I want to pre-warn you early, stay off now if you don’t want to experience a radical paradigm shift in the way you do business. Last week Monday I wrote a guest post on bloggingbookshelf about trading comments and that article really caused uproar. While this post is not necessarily a follow up on … [Read More...]

what are the warning signs of a dying business?

7 Warning Signs Of A Dying Business

Every dying business sends out certain warning signs before the eventual collapse. For the observant entrepreneur, this disaster is avoided by taking certain strategic measures. But for the non-observing entrepreneur, this disaster seems to creep in suddenly.   The death of a business is not as sudden as many tend to assume. Just as … [Read More...]